Риск после замены тормозов

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Советы автолюбителям
Accidents happen due to unexpected "falling" of the brake pedal, done by the motorist when leaving the track immediately after changing pads. The reason is the master of forgetfulness, failed to warn the owner of the vehicle that appears between the pad and the piston clearance. To eliminate it, necessary time 30 excessive force on the pedal with the engine switched off: motorists is called "bleed the brake system".

Another failure of the pedal, due to which the vehicle when braking takes place in the side, is curved brake disc (it appeared burrs and other irregularities due to its long-term use). For this reason, and the shoe can not firmly press the disc. In the branded shops in this case are advised to replace the brake disc, but it will be much cheaper to do the alignment of its surface, ordering groove ($10-20).

Electrics. Some motorists scares refusal anti-lock brake system (ABS). In fact, nothing terrible will happen — machine stops. But when a motorist with defective brakes sharply depresses the pedal, wheels lock, and the vehicle is "skidded". For this reason,, if you see the dashboard light, showing the failure of electronics, smoothly or brake the (sudden braking if necessary) Push short sharp blows to the pedal (simulate the ABS).

There have been cases of accidents due to a misunderstanding of the principle driver work antilock system: it counteracts the wheel lock, when the tires do not grip coated roads. For this reason,, если надавить на педаль тормозной системы в момент въезда в яму (когда колесо находится воздухе), система торможения не сработает. Для того чтобы активировать тормозную систему отпустите педаль и снова нажмите на нее.

Современные автоперевозки требуют использования надежных и профессиональных автомобилей. So, если вам нужно поплнить свой автопарк, then it is worth buying just for Iveco trucks iveco-tarkon.ru. so, вы сможете стать востребованными и популярными на рынке грузоперевозок.



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